We’re Your Trek WSD Women’s Bicycle Headquarters!

Welcome to a world where the choice is yours! With Trek’s WSD line-up (WSD stands for Women’s Specific Design), you have a complete selection of bicycles, components and apparel engineered and dialed in just for you!

WSD considers your bike as a complete system, from the frame geometry and gearing, to the contact points that determine the fit and feel of every ride. It’s Trek’s approach to making the perfect fitting and riding bike right from your very first spin.

Where you see the difference

While every WSD bike is masterfully designed and built to provide the ultimate cycling experience, there are six key design factors that are noteworthy and customizable as follows:

  • Seat comfort is of extreme importance and Trek has put extensive engineering into WSD saddle designs. Exclusive technologies like their Zone Density foam, a women’s Contour Relief Zone and Size Specific Curvature keep you comfortable and supported for outstanding comfort on all your rides.
  • Trek WSD bikes come in a wide range of frame sizes so that we can give you a perfect fit for maximum comfort, control and pedaling efficiency.
  • They also feature the optimal frame geometry for each rider, which results in excellent handling and a natural reach to the pedals and handlebars, plus the ideal hand position for comfort and control.
  • natural and comfortable posture is essential for cycling, which is why our Trek WSD models also boast WSD components like stems and seatposts that are spec’d and sized to fit perfectly and complement the bicycle’s fine fit.
  • Likewise, these bikes sport Trek WSD handlebars, which are sized to your upper body for added comfort and control.
  • You also get the perfect gearing on WSD bikes, whether you need lower gears for hitting the hills, high gears for maximum speed or an all-around compact gearing setup. And all the bikes shift with ease.
  • Last but not least, Trek also realizes that the look of a bike is important and offers WSD styling options, such as colors, finishes and details just for you!

The bike for you

Choosing a new bike is a wonderful experience and having a bicycle made for you is something special. To find the bike that’s right for you, start by asking yourself these two questions:

  • Where do I plan to ride?
  • How will I use the bike?

Your first answer tells if you’ll be riding a road, mountain or commuter bicycle. Within those three categories there’s a range of WSD bikes that will be ideal. Then, the second question helps narrow down your selection to a more specific bike.

There are Trek WSD bikes designed for the elite-level racer, the enthusiast road rider, the commuter and the casual rider. You’ll find bikes in the middle too for multiple types of riding and budgets. So whether you’re a weekend warrior or just enjoy pedaling around the park, we’ll gladly help you find the WSD bike that’s perfect for you.

The importance of fit

Making sure your bike fits properly and that you have a seat that’s comfortable make all the difference for enjoying cycling. A natural and comfortable fit allows you to ride longer, safer and more efficiently. Of course, if you buy a new bicycle we’ll make sure you’re on the right size bike and a comfy seat from the start.

However, if you’re fitting an older bike, we encourage you to come into the shop for a proper fitting. If you can’t do that, we recommend considering a WSD saddle as a way to improve on a lesser model.

WSD inForm saddles

Trek knows the importance of a comfortable saddle and that’s why WSD bikes are spec’d with Bontrager inForm WSD seats. They are sized and shaped specifically for the unique anatomical needs of women. They also provide the advanced support, padding and pressure relief that results in sweet comfort mile after mile.

Not all women are built the same so WSD seats come in three different widths. Stop by the shop and we’ll do a quick measurement. Whether you sit in an aggressive race position or in a more relaxed upright stance, Bontrager’s Posture Specific Design system makes it easy to find the inForm saddle that’s ideally suited for the way you ride.

WSD clothing

We also recommend trying on some WSD cycling shorts. Unlike regular gym shorts and cut-offs, cycling shorts are seam-free, breathable and have plenty of support and stretch for comfortable pedaling.

Cycling shorts also feature padding for maximum comfort sitting on a seat. And our Trek WSD shorts come in difference styles so you can find the fit and style that appeals to you.

We carry a selection of WSD helmets, too. If you haven’t tried on a new bike helmet in a while we’re sure you’ll be impressed with how stylish, light and nicely ventilated the new lids are. A lot of riders tell us they hardly know they even have them on! Make sure you wear your helmet properly. And if you have any questions on helmet fit, come by the shop and we’ll be happy to help you.

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